Rhye's and Fall of Civilizations: Europe

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The Civilopedia contains a lot more information about this mod -- and is automatically up-to-date which this manual might not be. Check it out.

Reference Folder

Unsure about what a Unique Historical Victory (UHV) means? Packaged along with the mod are automatically generated maps of each UHV. You can find them by navigating to the RFCEurope mod folder and looking inside the folder called Reference. Each Civ's UHV is stored as CivName_UHV.png. Also in this folder you can find Spawns.png, which shows the spawn sites for all Civs, including the area of the map where your cities/units will flip to a rising Civ. Finally, the SettlerMap and WarMaps folders show the maps which the AI uses to decide where to settle and which influence who they go to war with. The Settler maps are also important for your own empire's stability. Broadly speaking, it will hurt your stability to settle outside of the colored regions of these maps.

A subset of the most important reference maps is also provided on the Reference Maps page of this html manual.


The best place to get additional help is the Civfanatics forum where this mod is being developed. You can visit us at our sub-forum.