Rhye's and Fall of Civilizations: Europe


This mod is the result of the efforts of many people. The main team of people who contributed significant code, maps, or text are: 3Miro, Sedna17, St. Lucifer, Jessiecat, Micbic, JediClemente, merjin_v1, embryodead, Panopticon

We thank all the many people who helped us playtest the mod throughout its long development, but especially (in no particular order) : Wessel V1, Lexad, Verily, sk8er AG, BurnEmDown, civmademepoor, AnotherPacifist, Tigranes, kbk


To Rhye, for creating Rhye's and Fall.

The original group who thought up the idea for Rhye's and Fall of Europe and hashed out so many good ideas in such long posts

To everyone who helped test early alpha versions of this mod and put up with the bugs and crashes and other annoyances.

To the entire modding Civ IV community at Civfanatics for their tutorials and references.

To the artists and modmakers from whom we have borrowed stuff. Unfortunately, we did a terrible job of keeping track of where all the graphics came from. If you see something of yours and you want an explicit shout-out, just send us a PM or post about it in the forum. We'd love to acknowledge your work. We're especially grateful for graphics and code from: European Middle Ages Mod Resurrection, Total Realism, Thomas' War.