Rhye's and Fall of Civilizations: Europe

Reference Maps

These reference maps will come in handy while playing the game. Wonder where exactly that annoying other civ is going to spawn? Want to know what areas are considered for a Unique Historical Victory? You've come to the right place. Click on a map to enlarge. There are UHV maps only for civilizations that have a territorial UHV.

Spawn Maps

These maps define regions in which civs rise and resurrect. These areas are also important for stability. Generally, you will suffer a stability penalty if you don't control all of your spawn area, and holding cities within you re-spawn area won't hurt your stability.

Spawn map. This shows capitols and areas which flip on spawn. Spawns

Re-spawn map. This shows what areas civs will consider when attempting to resurrect. Respawns

UHV Maps

Check these maps to see the precise definitions of areas used in UHVs

ArabiaArabia UHV

AustriaAustria UHV

BulgariaBulgaria UHV

BurgundyBurgundy UHV

ByzantiumByzantium UHV

EnglandEngland UHV

FranceFrankia UHV

GenoaGenoa UHV

GermanyGermany UHV

HungaryHungary UHV

KievKiev UHV

MoscowMoscow UHV

NorseNorse UHV

OttomanOttoman UHV

PortugalPortugal UHV

SpainSpain UHV

SwedenSweden UHV

VeniceVenice UHV